The Board members of the Danish Research Center for Lung cancer has provided grants for the following research projects:

CP1: Lungecancer screening – Optimizing recruitment of the hard-to-reach heavy smoking population – Lungreach

CP2: Early detection of lung cancer in general practice by blood samples – a prospective national observational study

CP3: Improves imaging: De-CT and textural analysis in comparison with 18-FDG PET/CT, for evaulation of tumor, metastases and lymph nodes in lung cancer.

CP4: Electromagnetic navigation Bronchoscopy versus Combines Electromagnetic Navigation bronchoscopy and Radial Endobronchial Ultrasound for Diagnosis of Peripheral Lung Lesions – A Randimized Clinical trial

CP5: SUPER-R; SUrveillance with PET/CT and liquid biopsies of stage I-III lung cancer patients after completion of definitive therapy, a Randomized controlled trial 

CP6: Improves Radiotherapy and medical treatment 

CP7: Functional capacity throughout the lung cancer trajectory 

CP8: Patient Reported Outcomes used for Weekly Internet-based Decetion of progressive disease in lung cancer; a randomized controlled trial: ProWide 

CP9: Smoking-cessation treatment program in newly diagnosed patients with lung cancer: a study of the effect and implementation of a smoking-cessation treatment program and a qualitative stydu of patients and healthcare-professionals attitude 

CP10: Lung cancer epidemiolog and mortality amond Danish lung cancer patients in a Scandivanvian context 

AP1: The clinical potential of artificial intellegence in early decetion of lung cancer 

AP2: Improved treatment adherence in socially vulnerable lung cancer patients. A clinical randomized intervention project