CP8 – ProWide

Patient Reported Outcomes used for Weekly Internet-based Decetion of progressive disease in lung cancer; a randomized controlled trial: ProWide

Rasmus Blechingberg Friis, læge, ph.d studerende, onkologisk afdeling, Hospitalsenhed Vest, Herning

Status oktober 2022
The ProWide study evaluates the effect of remote electronic symptom monitoring in patients with lung cancer. The project is a national randomized controlled study, in which eight of ten. Danish Cancer Departments participate.
The status of the ProWide study is that all patients (n = 494) are enrolled. Patients are included in Herning (n = 145), Aalborg (90), Aarhus (n = 72), Sønderborg (n = 50), Odense (n = 13), Herlev (n = 65), Hillerød (n = 28) and Rigshospitalet (n = 30).

All patients will continue weekly monitoring throughout 2022, and full follow-up is expected during 2023. Final data will be published during 2023.

All data has been collected for a registerbased substudy. The analysis has been initiated and will compare socioeconomic differences between participants in the study population with a comparable population of patients with lung cancer.

Two qualitative sub-studies have been conducted and is currently in preparation process.

In addition, we are collaborating with health economists from OUH with the purpose to conduct a health economic analysis of the total derived effects of the ProWide intervention on the health services utilised by the study participants

According to the original plan, the study would have reached full follow-up and had been published at the end of 2022. Due to delayed inclusion and several closures of enrollment, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, symptom-monitoring of patients will continue during 2022, and therefore the study will not be finalized until 2023.