CP3 – Improves imaging

Improves imaging: De-CT and textural analysis in comparison with 18-FDG PET/CT, for evaulation of tumor, metastases and lymph nodes in lung cancer.

Michael Bruun Andersen, overlæge, røntgen og skanning, Herlev/Gentofte hospitaler

Status oktober 2023

Project 1: low dose vs high dose CT
Due to issues with transferring images, there have been issues with reading the remaining images, however currently all scans have been read and analysis are underway. We expect to be ready for manuscript submission end of Q4 2023.

Project 2.2: Photon counting CT compared to FDG/PET CT – with pathological correlation
The protocol has been completed but as there have been a lengthy process with securing final funding and getting the protocol approved at the ethical committee, the project is currently scheduled to include the first patients in January 2024. Currently the protocol will be approved within the coming month and full funding for the project have been obtained.

Project 3.1/3.2: Photon counting CT/Dual energy CT vs FDG PET/CT for diagnostic workup
This is part of the protocol from 2.2 and have separate sub studies. One focusing on the retrospective comparison of photon counting CT, dual energy CT and FDG PET/CT (also in combination with photon counting CT) for correct TNM staging of lung cancer. The other is a prospective study of photon counting CT where patients will be randomized for reading with or without spectral information available investigating the impact of spectral imaging on follow-up examinations, diagnosis and subsequently the economic impact in the prospective setting. Currently the protocol awaits final approval from MVK and as for project 2.2 we expect to include the first patients in January 2024.

Potential impact of texture analysis in contrast enhanced CT in non-small cell lung cancer as a marker of survival: A retrospective feasibility study