AP5 – Effect of singing training

Effect of singing training in post-operated lung cancer patients

Mette Kaasgaard, PhD student, lungemedicinsk forskningsenhed, Næstved Sygehus

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Oktober 2022
Status for project
I defended my ph.d. June 2022 with three published papers on singing as modality in pulmonary rehabilitation in COPD, including Sing-a-Lung 1.0, an RCT comparing singing training (Singing for Lung Health; SLH) with standard physical exercise training within 10 weeks’ community-based pulmonary rehabilitation. In total, 11 municipalities and 270 patients with COPD participated. The main article has been published in the ERJ with editorial (May Issue 2022).

Currently, I am preparing the specific projects and activities in my PostDoc project. Initially, we will conduct a follow-up study – Sing-a-Lung 1.1 – within the RCT-cohort from my ph.d. -project. Subsequently, we will conduct an implementation study – Sing-a-Lung 1.1 – with structured SLH-training, qualification, and certification of singing leaders in 10 existing lung choirs and establishing of 10 new lung choirs all over Denmark. The choirs will run for five months with quantitative and qualitative data collection at baseline, after five months, and again after one and two years, focusing on physiological parameters, symptom burden, QoL, and maintenance of activity to explore both short- and long-term effects and impact of singing training. During Q3 2023-Q2 2025, we will conduct Sing-a-Lung 2.0: An observational feasibility-study and a qualitative study with SLH as intervention in rehabilitation of lung cancer patients. We plan to include two Danish regions and run two singing groups. Assessment at baseline, after 10 weeks, and at six months and one year follow-up.