INTERNAT 28. oktober – 29. oktober 2020
Hotel Park, Viaduktvej 28, 5500 Middelfart

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Onsdag den 28. oktober

10.00             Velkomst v/Ole Hilberg
0.10             CP1: Lung cancer screening by LD-CT: Optimizing recruitment of the hard-to-reach heavy smoking population – LUNGREACH v/Zaigham Saghir
10.35             CP2: Blood sample screening: Early detection of lung cancer by blood samples v/Sara Wen
11.00             CP3: Improved imaging: DE-CT and textural analysis in comparison with 18-FDG PET/CT, for evaluation of tumor, metastases, and lymph nodes in lung cancer /Michael B. Andersen
11.25             CP4: Improved invasive diagnostics: Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy +/- Radial EBUS for Diagnosis of Peripheral Lung Lesions v/Amanda Dandanell Juul
11.50             CP5: Follow-up with SUPE_R: SUrveillance with PET/CT and liquid biopsies of stage I-III lung cancer patients after completion of definitive therapy v/Kasper Guldbrand

12.30                                   Frokost

13.15             CP6: Improved radiotherapy and medical treatment v/Tine Schytte
13.40             CP7: Functional capacity throughout the lung cancer trajectory v/Morten Quist
14.05             CP8: Patient Reported Outcomes for Internet-based DEtection of progressive disease in lung cancer; ProWide v/Rasmus Blechingberg Friis
14.30             CP9: Smoking-cessation treatment program in newly diagnosed patients with lung cancer: a study of the effect and implementation v/Ingeborg Farver-Vestergaard

15.00                                   Eftermiddagskage

15.30             CP10: Lung cancer epidemiology and mortality among Danish lung cancer patients in a Scandinavian context v/Anja Gouliaev
15.55             AP1: The clinical potential of artificial intelligence in early detection of lung cancer v/Margrethe Høstgaard Bang Henriksen
16.20             AP2: Improved treatment adherence in socially vulnerable lung cancer patients. A clinical randomized intervention project v/Erik Jakobsen
16.45             AP3: Dynamic measurement of treatment response in advanced non-small cell lung cancer v/Malene Frank

17.10             Indtjekning på værelser

18.00                                   Aftensmad

Torsdag den 29. oktober

07.00-                                  Morgenbuffet

09.00             Visioner for fremtiden
09.00             Diagnostik
09.30             Screening
10.00             Behandling
10.30             Palliation
11.00             Tak for denne gang